All-in-one team to get the expertise and extra resources you may need to get your technology projects and programs launched and efficiently delivered.

We take pride in proposing execution approaches, tailored to each initiatives, to minimize risks and accelerate the realization of their benefits. This is possible thanks to the powerful combination of our project and program management know-how, tools, and solid technical skills which allow us to anticipate potential roadblocks and proactively find paths forward.

Business Analysis

Crystallize your vision and translate it into well-defined projects and solutions.

We help business and IT leaders crystallize visions and turn them into well-defined technology projects and solutions. We work closely with sponsors and stakeholders across the organization to understand goals, shape new processes and technology solutions, and ultimately translate them into features, use cases and requirements.

Our team understands the aviation business and its technology. From winning experiences, we have refined methodologies and tools to efficiently get the job done, while reducing the risk of costly scope changes, technical challenges, and/or quality issues during implementation.

To adopt the most suited solution, we believe it is critical to clearly understand the big picture first.

Technology Project Management

Orchestrate and run technology projects and programs efficiently with control.

Bergmen Consulting helps airlines bring projects to the finish line. Our project and program management leaders go way beyond planning, coordination and status reporting. We offer continuous risk management — because we believe that unmanaged risks may turn into issues, and without issues, any project should go as planned — and proactively provide technology insights and out-of-the-box thinking to overcome challenges.

Our consultants are not only project managers, they are airline IT project managers and leaders, with proven IT knowledge. We will help you avoid loopholes and get the best out of solution providers. We know who long it should take, we know how much it should cost, we know what is possible what is not, we know what can go wrong. With such powerful insights, our consultants can unbuckle any situations and ensure successful project deliveries.

Testing Strategy & Execution

Plan, execute and automate testing. Control quality of deliveries to limit business risks.

Airline systems are complicated and all interconnected. Testing new processes and/or technology solutions demand utmost planning, rigor, and a clear understanding of the IT ecosystem.

We can help:

  • Plan, coordinate and execute unitary and end-to-end testing.
  • Streamline regression testing with automation — so that you can eliminate the expense of manually validating vital system functions for every single system change and at the same time speed up and/or increase frequency of releases.
  • Set up tools and best practice processes to ensure quality without negatively impacting speed of deliveries.

Rapid Web Development

Build tailored Web apps in no time through Khaleo, our proprietary CMS and workflow system.

To build a "smart" online application, sometimes the leading Web platforms are too massive and/or expensive, and custom development is too time-consuming and risky. This is when Khaleo can help.

Khaleo is Bergmen Group's proprietary Web platform. It was designed to help organizations quickly capture revenue or cost-saving opportunities by turning ideas into tailored applications, rapidly and inexpensively.


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