The ​WSJ interviews Bergmen Consulting on the marketing strategies used during the 2016 election.

published on 2016-11-16

The ​Wall Street Journal interviews ​David Rompf, ​Head Marketing and Customer Experience Strategist at Bergmen Consulting, to get his perspectives on the marketing strategies used throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.​

Was Donal​d​ Trump a master of his own brand? David ​joins the discussion​ with two journalists and ​a professor of social media at Virginia Commonwealth University ​to review and explore brand, segmentation, and messaging tactics used by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Bergmen Consulting deepens its customer experience and loyalty expertise with David Rompf.

published on 2016-05-24

David Rompf, a marketing and loyalty expert who has held key posts at Citi, The Economist, Barnes & Noble, and The Leading Hotels of the World, has joined Bergmen Consulting's leadership team as Consulting Director.

David adds over 15 years of senior customer experience and engagement leadership across multiple industries, including travel and hospitality, financial...

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Our team is proud and grateful to have contributed in one of Flybe's success stories.

published on 2014-06-03

The best reward for us simply comes from the words of our customers. And, we cannot thank Flybe enough for sharing its experience.

"The work produced was of a high quality, delivered on-time and led to a successful conclusion [...]"

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Reducing Baggage Frauds through IT

published on 2014-04-07

Baggage frauds are taking an increasing toll on the industry, and ultimately hurt well-intentioned customers. Bergmen Consulting presents ideas on how technology could help reduce frauds.

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Airline Data Trends and Best Practices

published on 2013-11-18

Big Data is not new. It is was just inaccessible. Bergmen Consulting presented on new Airline Data Trends and Best Practices at the 7th Airline and Travel Payments Summit (Ai Website) in Chicago, in November 2013. 350+ industry leaders attended.

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Tackling PCI DSS. Thoughts and Tips for Airlines.

published on 2013-10-16

Complying with PCI DSS seems to be a no-brainer when looking at how impactful payment card information leakage can be on a brand. On top of dismantling the brand’s relationship with its customers, corrective actions, such as offering identity theft coverage, can be relatively expensive. To become compliant, a good first step...

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Keys to Enabling Air Passes

published on 2013-08-19

Bergmen Consulting was invited to present at the Ai conference on payment and fraud occurring early August in Mexico City, and gathering over 125 industry leaders. With a strong focus on LatAm, we discussed trends, and what they really meant to airlines from an technology perspective. Many great topics and thoughts were presented. As for Bergmen Consulting, we contributed by providing keys to enabling what we call "air passes". Similar to prepaid subway cards...

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Adarsh joined the leadership team, adding 13+ years of airline IT expertise.

published on 2013-06-24

Adarsh is an accomplished IT leader with 13+ years of IT strategy & management in Airline, Transportation & Financial space with extensive experience in planning, development and delivery of enterprise class solutions. Adarsh specializes in Airlines Passenger Reservations...

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Airline IT Consultants

published on 2013-05-09

Airlines have now an alternative to consulting giants and isolated professionals to help bring technology projects to the finish line.

Watch Rod Berger, Founder and President, introduce Bergmen Consulting and his vision.

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BmC in the news: technology challenges from AA-US merger.

published on 2013-02-19

The job of merging the various technology systems that help Fort Worth AMR Corp. and Arizona’s US Airways Group run could take as long as four years and cost millions of dollars, experts say. When you look at the combined company’s “to do” technology list, you can start to see why...

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