The Extra Choice

To fulfill technology requirements, organizations face 2 choices: purchasing an existing software solution or developing one. Sometimes, off-the-self solutions noticeably bend their operations, while custom development appears too time-consuming and risky. This is when Khaleo can help.

Khaleo (formerly, BAKSEEN) is Bergmen Group’s proprietary development platform. It was designed to help organizations quickly capture revenue or cost-saving opportunities by turning ideas into tailored applications, rapidly and inexpensively. It enables our development team to produce quality applications faster that will meet the specifics of each project.

Flexibility & Shorter Development

Khaleo comes with a full set of essential features, including content management, user administration, emailing, store locator, and reporting. These features can be easily turned on/off and configured without programming effort, resulting in shorter development cycles for our customers.

At the heart of the system, one of the key features gives Khaleo its flexibility: form management. It allows Khaleo engineers to quickly design, organize, restrict, publish and process forms (similar to database tables). These forms and processing rules provide the flexibility needed to create the datasets and process flows that are truly mapped to our customers’ operations.

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What’s New in Khaleo v2.0?

  • Enhanced, multiple-level security
  • More configurability
  • Enhanced HTML editor
  • Forgot my Password
  • Change my Password
  • CSV export
  • Mail form capabilities
  • View filtering


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